In 2017, women made it clear that women's rights are human rights. This year, the focus of our protests is protection of the Earth.


Art Direction


The Women's Hike

The Women's Hike is a national event designed to combat climate change. The North Face will team up with "The Women’s March" to march for our planet.

Branded Elements

The Women’s Hike logo took elements from the North Face and Women's Hike Logo. The Iconic pink color was chosen as hot pink evokes passion and energy, and of the need for action.

AR Experience

The main event will occur at Mt. Rushmore National Park, where hikers can use their phones to see the founding fathers change into pioneering women. Mt. Rushmore becomes Ms. Rushmore.

Art Director: Hira Ali
Art Director: Ashley Aviles
UX, UI: Lauren Steigerwald
Content Designer: Sarika Persaud

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Hira Ali ✿ Art Director