Here's what I do
for fun!

When I'm not creating campaigns, I'm usually exploring passion projects and finding different way to express myself creatively. Scroll below to see what I've been up too!

The paintbrush is mightier than the sword.

Art seems to run in the family. My grandpa was a painter and I might’ve inherited a few of his techniques. Currently my favorite thing to paint is Clouds. So dreamy!

Let's go Baseball.

Like baseball? Well I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan but I had the opportunity to design Gen Z centered merch for MLB as part of a 12 month program through FIT. Here are some of the designs my team created!

Exploring Language.

I know the feeling of losing a native language all too well.Which is why I created this visual narrative that starts off in one language (Urdu) and ends in another (English). This project explores the effects of language loss in children of immigrants.

Hira Ali ✿ Art Director