It’s easy for us to think that child exploitation only happens somewhere far away, but it's happening much closer than we think.


Art Direction


A House isn't always a Home

90% of the time, children are abused by someone they know, trust, and love. The perpetrators look no different than you or me.

Facebook Fundraiser

$350,000 for the 35,000 children that will go missing in February alone. As a partner of ICMEC, Facebook will host it's 'first' birthday fundraiser to increase ICMECs reach and donations. 

PSA Film

Facebook will also serve to launch our PSA film unmasking what happens behind closed doors.

OOH Print

Wild postings will show different states how much their home states contribute to the problem.


Mmuseumm is a New York City museum dedicated to eye-opening object journalism. At the exhibition common objects found in the “homes” of exploited children will be displayed.


Supporters will be invited to participate in making their hometowns a safe place for children. The first annual ICMEC Hometown 5K will be held on National Kid’s Day - August 7th, 2022. 

Donation Stations

As an Icmec partner, Paypal will place donation stations along the walks.

Art Directors: Hira Ali, Anna Vancheri, Shinyoung Hailey Noh
Copywriter: Madison Getgood
Strategist: Garrett Chun
Producer: Rodrigo De La Maza

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Hira Ali ✿ Art Director